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Our Passion will raise your Business to a new Level

GetMyAds is a Pioneer for innovative Solutions for modern entrepreneurs on the internet who understand the advantages of networking. The integrated PayBack program is sharing the success of the whole network with all active Customers and Affiliates. This way we give beginners and professionals a lucrative start into the online marketing world. The Parent company was founded in 2011. Until 2015 only customer from our Premium Customer program could join the PayBack program. Today it is open for all customers and affiliates which is also the start to an international Expansion that is getting a lot support from many big names in the industry. With the focus on quality and stability, we will develop more innovative Products, Solutions and lucrative programs for our customers and Affiliates.

Innovative Advertising

In cooperation with customers from all markets where we are active, we've developed attractive and interesting Advertising packages for our Customers. For our Customers it just takes a few clicks to start a new Campaign. For the Success of your campaign, we will do what it takes!

Rewarding Affiliate Program

With our 2 Level Affiliate Program and a Mentor bonus, our partners can build up a long-term stable and passive Income on the internet. We pay out up to 40% of our revenue to our Affiliates. We provide our Partners with modern Advertising Material, fast and simple workflow and daily payouts. All these facts are marking our partners and affiliates A LOT of money since GetMyAds came on the Market.

Lucrative PayBack Program

We got our success through our Customers and Affiliates partners. We realize this and say thank you by providing you our PayBack program with the highest payout in the Industry. Every Customer who joins this Program automatically gets paid up to 24 times a day, 7 days a week on autopilot.

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Our Offer to you

We offer individual solutions for innovative and future Entrepreneurs and Advertisers on the Internet. We would love to help you reach your goals!

Maximum of Transparency

No Signup fee, no running costs, no autoship and no hidden costs for our customers and affiliates. We are also transparent with all our numbers in the PayBack program.

Effective Advertising

Advertising has to be simple. You focus on your business and we take care of your advertising. Our Network will provide you targeted visitors for your project to maximize your success.

The PayBack Program

Since day 1 of GetMyAds, the PayBack Program always paid every day on every active Token. Every customer will benefit from this program and make money 24 times a day – everyday!

Affiliate Program

Refer new customers to GetMyAds and make a lucrative income from the comfort of your home. With a Sub-affiliate (2nd Tier) Program and our Mentor Bonus you can build up a stable long-term income and a successful business.

Our Most Important Numbers is In The Overview

100.000 +

Satisfied Customers

950.000 +

Successful Campaigns

35 Millions +

Commissions Paid Out

12 Million

$/Month Advertising Budget

What Our Customers Are Saying

Your success is our goal. Most of our customers recommend us quickly because they are simply convinced!

How It Works

Commission Plan For Our Affiliate Partners

Customers take part in our PayBack Pool automatically. If you recommend more customers to us, we pay the following commissions in our Affiliate Program on 2 Levels with a lucrative Mentor bonus.

Customers are buying Tokens to advertise. Tokens are an internal Unit to buy Traffic for a Website or a campaign. A token cost $50- US Dollars. With a token you can pay any product, service and offer in GetMyAds.

40% of the value of a token goes into our PayBack pool where every customer will benefit from. This way every customer takes part in our success story. The PayBack Pool is dynamic but since we´ve founded GetMyAds it has paid out every single day for every active Token.

The size of the Pool depends on the amount of Tokens we've sold recently. In addition there are more streams of revenue fill up this Pool.

A customer can have up to 1,000 Tokens at the same time. After 3 months of having 1,000 tokens, he can join the Premium Partner Program.